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Defend Our Future

1. Brief The environmental Defense Fund wanted us to help them figure out a way to get young adults in the US to care more about the environment and realize how urgent it was to do something about it. 2. Insight Back in 2015, there wasn’t as much of a sense of urgency among the general population of young adults. In a situation of emergency, everyone always think someone else will react, until it’s too late to do something because no one else has. Especially when you’re young and believe that it’s not up to your generation to act. 3. Idea I Will Not Wait. A creative platform urging our target to take the matters into their own hand because no one else will. Through a launch film, a follow up and a digital platform encouraging young adults to implement changes in their daily lives, we help them realize it was up to their generation to lead the charge.

Project Roles
BBDO New York
Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy
Brand Identity, Viral Films
Project Industries
Defend Our Future